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Plant Care For Everyone

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Water me every week if you remember!

A shot for you & a shot for me!

If you forget, I'm forgiving.

If my soil looks moist, you can skip a watering


Put me in a bright window or close to strong fluorescents. If I start to grow skinny and begin stretching, I need more light.

If I have babies, make sure they are facing the light!

If I look the same as when you got me, I'm happy!


I respond to positive feedback. I also enjoy holidays, positivity, and singing. I love you.

  • Why do all of the orbs include haworthias?
    While everyone seems to be selling arrangements and calling them indoors, in reality those plants don't thrive indoors! Too many people shame themselves for ‘even killing succulents’, without being given a fair chance at plant caretaking from the start. We offer redemption. Plants should be a fun and easy venture.
  • Tell me more about the Fibonacci Sequence
    The Fibonacci sequence is the most duplicated pattern in nature and the structure of the universe itself. Even the human body is organized in Fibonacci sequence In the plant world, it is used to describe the pattern of phyllotaxis. This is the placement of leaves on a stem to maximize the amount of light the plant receives in the most efficient way. It represents the golden ratio which goes on infinitely. When we focus on the golden ratio, we are reminded of our own infinite nature and connection to the divine. It is a mathematical representation of how nonphysical energy comes forth into this physical environment. Quantum physics has taught us that our reality is created by our own consciousness. We can apply the Fibonacci sequence to our own life for a better understanding of how our thoughts and action impact our everyday life and future.
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