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Crystals & Gemstones

Curious what the gemstones in your orb are?


Use this guide to learn about the power of these natural elements or choose your favorites when requesting your custom piece!

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Amethyst is a Greek word meaning, “not intoxicated” and considered to be the stone of sobriety. The violet variety of quartz promotes calmness, focus, and creating a strong sense of well-being in daily life.  Ancient civilizations believed amethyst meaning was synonymous with luxury. It was worn by royalty on crowns, scepters and rings. For Fung Shui, Amethyst is placed in the wealth corner (South East) to amplify the flow of prosperity into the home. It is especially useful in easing work related stress as it amplifies prosperity, which makes it a wonderful addition for any work environment. Linked to the crown chakra, Amethyst purifies the mind and clears negative thoughts which is why it is often used in meditation. It is also believed to boost intuition and communication with higher realms and within relationships. Amethyst is useful in many environments: If placed in the family room, amethyst can assist in family bonding, in office to increase effectiveness, or in the bedroom or bathroom for relaxation.


Black Tourmaline

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Black Tourmaline- Law of attraction dictates: that which is like itself is drawn.  Therefore maintaining a high vibration leaves no need for ‘protection’ because only good can come to you.  Being a high vibrational stone, black tourmaline has the ability to cleanse, purify and transform dense energy into a higher vibration, bringing everything around it ‘up to speed’ or it vibrates out.  Thought patterns as well as personal space are cleansed with this powerful stone.  This stone is utilized by those that suffer from anxiety.  It is a perfect stone for offices as it absorbs and transmutes electromagnetic radiation.  Black tourmaline is used in Feng Shui by placing it in all four corners of the room or property.  Putting black tourmaline in water amplifies it’s properties.  When you shine bright, no one can permeate it, allowing you to have the dominant, high flying energy field in a room.  It is a powerful stone facilitating peace and grounding.  Black tourmaline resonates with the root chakra.


Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz- Being the stone of universal love, rose quartz attracts and supports unconditional love for self and others. Ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome were the first to attach symbol of love to rose quartz. In Greek mythology it was often the gift of Cupid and in Roman folklore, by Eros. Rose quartz enhances love of all kinds, including kindness for yourself, loved ones, and all living things. It is a powerful stone for forgiveness by promoting understanding of situations from a more positive perspective. This stone opens and activates the heart chakra, expanding compassion and deepening connections with loved ones. The high frequency of rose quartz encourages you to release toxic energies and emotions and live in deeper connection to our heart center.   


Green Calcite

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Green Calcite- Green Calcite is an amplifier of energy, prosperity, and good fortune.  It is crystallized limestone and its main ingredient is seashells.  Just like a breath of salty air, its energy is cleansing and grounding, reconnecting you to the planet and source of life energy.  It reminds us of the everyday abundance of this life-giving earth. Green calcite enhances gratitude for the natural world and increases connection to the complex system that sustains life. It reminds us of the infinite possibilities of the universe, enhances creativity, and relieves emotional and energetic blocks. Like all green stones, it resonates with and balances the heart chakra. 



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Fluorite is considered a spiritual vacuum cleaner for dust bunnies in your head. It resonates with and balances the third eye chakra (vision without sight).  Fluorite enhances peacefulness and clear focus in your environment. The stone is often used as a power source to magnify everything around it, including other gemstones. Fluorite is the stone for better decision making and enhanced concentration. It can assist in discovering one’s divine purpose in life. The green color cleanses and purifies the heart chakra. It has considered a great stone for people with learning disabilities. Artists utilize this stone for clearing mental blocks and increasing creativity. Its positive vibes are amplified in water, creating a powerful but gentle healing effect that releases tension and stress.


River Rock

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River Rock -- these stones are quarried from ancient riverbeds and just like flowing water, they smooth out the vibration of the room. They said to bring wealth and prosperity as well as enhance the earth and water elements in our lives.  

Peregrine Onyx

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Green Moss Agate

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Green Moss Agate -- Known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture, it is often placed in fields, pots and flower beds for promoting the growth of new crops and increasing the overall health of plants.  It was used in ancient times as a talisman for warriors to enhance their strength and ensure victory as well as by tribal priests that used it for its healing qualities.  Green moss agate also aids midwives in their work as a useful birthing crystal, reducing pain and easing delivery.  Native Americans use the stone for influencing weather patterns to reach ultimate equilibrium.  It promotes a calm, focused mindset by bringing stability to the emotional body.  GMA resonates and balances the heart chakra by resolving blockages and stagnant energy.  This aids us in understanding and communicating our own needs and emotions clearly.  The stone is also associated with earth’s Life Force Energy of birth, development, and creation and the power of nature’s constant renewal.

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Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian- The energy of red carnelian stimulates the root chakra, sending vital energy up to your solar plexus, and circulates the energy between your lower three chakras. The stone energizes and stimulates action, dispelling procrastination and indecision. Carnelian enhances passion whether it be in the bedroom or in creative endeavors.  It is a perfect stone for performers as it melds the right and left sides of the brain, creating harmony between mental focus and creativity. This stone boosts confidence and true expression. Calling it ‘the setting sun’ Ancient Egyptian royalty revered this stone, using it in collars and necklaces. It gently balances sexual energy with the vibrations of love.  Red carnelian is used for strengthening and regulating the kidneys, relieving low back pain, and healing bones and ligaments. Carnelian restores vitality, motivation and stimulates creativity.

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