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Irin White

Plant Designer 

Sacred Living Art began as a backyard hobby turned passionate, love-fueled business.


Irin was completing her Masters in Oriental Medicine and her now husband, Peter, said, “Just go for it, I've got you!” He could see the passion Irin had for plant life and design. 

With a foundation in landscape design, Irin learned her most valued lesson from her favorite designer, Rose. Rose taught the importance of designing in a way that her living creations would continue to remain beautiful for years to come and inspired Irin to do the same. She heeded Rose’s advice and settled on incorporating haworthias into every orb. 

Irin loves connecting with people on a creative level. Plants and crystals are a fun way to be creative because it’s a resonate vibe for everyone.  And that is what it's all about: on some level, we can all vibe together. 

Sacred Living Art burst to life in the tropics of Florida and now thrives in the Phoenix desert. Irin & Peter's family has grown right alongside this business, with the birth of their sons, Bryce & Zion. Today Irin designs while the kids and Tonka the doodle dog play. She attends and hosts events throughout the year and her creations are available at retail shops throughout the Valley. Our workshops are a chance to freely and creatively express yourself through plants and crystals. 

Owning an orb can bring mindfulness, as watering and cleaning each orb can be a meditative practice.  The weekly pause to water your orb is a moment to connect with yourself and our natural world—no matter where you live or how busy your days get. 

We want everyone to feel the universe tell them, “Just go for it, I got you.”


The Fibonacci sequence is meaningful in two ways: It is the pattern of phyllotaxis which is how leaves are organized around the plants stem to maximize light exposure. It is also how the human body is organized. It is a reminder that life is happening through us and we grow from the inside out.

We are constantly blooming.

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Hey There

Sacred Living Art is a business to unite our community. We're rooted in dirt, plants, crystals, and high vibes.


It is meant to be received, not explained.

It’s plant design for the conscious mind.

Vibe With Us

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